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Why Blogging is so Important in Any Digital Marketing Strategy

Blogging is a powerful key component.– to any digital marketing strategy. It can increase your leads by 67% and get you up to 97% more links to your website. It is through engaging blogs that are well-written and provides valuable information

Did you know 61% of online users in the US have bought something after reading a blog?

An effective digital marketing strategy always revolves around a business’s website. The higher number of people you are able to attract to your website, the more people you convert. The creation of relevant content for visitors and existing customers is one of the most important benefits of blogging.

Creating a link to any of your social media platforms will ensure that your social media followers will scroll through your blogs which would indirectly help to increase.

Best Foxnut Exporter Your prospective customer wants to learn about your product or service in detail from your website, and posting engaging blog content is the best way to build that connection with them and provides an informative element to your site’s overall UX.

Posting blogs regularly helps you engage directly with a user’s questions and queries that they are typing in a Google search. These questions help you to understand whether your customers are getting the information that they need from your blogs and also help to know if your keywords are performing well.

That being said, let’s dive deep into why blogging is so important in any digital marketing strategy.

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